Tenancy Qualifications and procedures

We represent the landlord. and in doing so we qualify the tenancy so please be advised before we approve you, we will cover the following steps:

  1. Fill out a Disclosure of representation in trading services 

  2. Fill out a Risks to unrepresented parties form

  3. Fill out a Rental Application

  4. Check your income resources including employment and past rental references

  5. Criminal record check

Once approved we will:

  1. Take a security deposit + one months rent and issue you a receipt (we request interact transfer in most cases) 

  2. Collect photo ID for each of the occupants over the age of 18

  3. Fill out and sign the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement (rent or lease agreement)
  4. Fill out and sign the Condition inspection report (conduct a walk through)

  5. Fill out and sign Form K, stating you will agree to abide by the strata rules and bylaws (for strata buildings only)

The relationship between BC renters and landlords is governed by the BC residential tenancy act. These laws cover all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, ranging from how renters apply for a rental to when they can get evicted. Anytime you need legal advice about a landlord-tenant issue in BC beyond what our services offer. you should speak to a qualified lawyer

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